Debt Recovery

When clients or customers owe you money, it can lead to problems that reach far beyond immediate cash flow concerns.

Left unchecked, or handled badly, your outstanding invoices can quickly mount up. Relations become awkward. And internal pressures increase because of the financial dent caused by non-payers.

At Littlestone Cowan Solicitors we provide a specialist debt recovery service that aims to put things right straightaway. In partnership with you, we’ll work quickly, smartly and professionally to recover either small or bulk debts.

It’s effective because of our lawyers’ years of experience in handling all sorts of unpaid invoices, in a range of circumstances. It also works because we recognise that debt recovery action cannot usually be at the expense of your good relationships. So we work firmly but tactfully. We step up the pressure on your customer where it may be inappropriate or uncomfortable for you to do that. And we defuse difficult situations without you needing to be a part of the discussions or the correspondence.

Our costs are carefully controlled to keep your liability as low as possible. We’ll discuss with you the options for tackling each debt, and you will be able to see immediately from our transparent fee structure exactly how much various actions in relation to that debt will cost.


"We have found Littlestone Cowan Solicitors extremely helpful and professional and would not hesitate to recommend them to our friends and family."



"We are pleased with the service from Littlestone Cowan Solicitors."



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